Gul Ahmed Awning Striation Unstiched Single Shirts with Iron on Badges

Stripes are so in trend now that GUL AHMED fashion made an entire collection of single striped shirts. We all know that GUL AHMED goes in fashion designs and patterns and launches the best dresses every season.  Like that, when the stripes printed shirts are so common and trendy Gul Ahmed new collection 2017 introduced ‘AWNING STRIATION’ which is all the single stripes shirts ironed badges to top the chic look off.

Let’s have a look at the Gul Ahmed’s striped collection 2017.

gul ahmed shirts

Gul Ahmed single striped shirts 2017 has made this classic white shirt with purple stripes on it and of course, 2 cute badges to make it more stunning. It is called ‘LILAC HUES.’ Grab yours from the nearest Gul Ahmed store in PKR 1,000 only!

gul ahmed single shirts 2017

Next, in the gul Ahmed trendy shirts, 2017 striped collection is this fantastic white ‘NAUTICAL FLAIR’ shirt with thin blue stripes all over. It is a collared long single shirt with three small and cute badges in the right bottom of the striped shirt. It is available in the Gul Ahmed stores in PKR 1,000 only!

gul ahmed shirts 2017

This striped gul Ahmed single shirt is ‘CANDY FLOSS, ’ and it even looks like one yummy candy colored. It is a white shirt with thin purple stripes all over and lipstick, thunder and a telephone badge on which makes the shirt super cute.

gul ahmed shirts design

This Gul Ahmed’s striped single shirt is ‘BAYADERE FLUTTER.’ It is a very crisp white shirt with thin black stripes all over. It has 2 fantastic badges ironed on it top off the look. In just PKR 1,000, you can get this amazing striped shirt.

gul ahmed single shirts

Pink and stripes are all girls favorite, so Gul Ahmed decided to merge them both and make and make a jaw-dropping striped shirt. It is a pink striped shirt with tassels and button detailing in the bottom half of the shirt with a rose and a skater badge on it. Head to your nearest gul Ahmed outlet to get your ‘GLEE HARE’ in PKR 1,000.

gul ahmed shirt piece 2017

This one is my personal favorite and is called ‘ZESTY FLORID.’ It is a very stunning blue printed striped shirt with three cutest badges stuck on the front. Also, it is an overlap designed shirt from the striped collection ‘AWNING STRIATION’ of gul Ahmed single shirts 2017. Just in PKR 1,000, you can get this lovely single striped shirt.

gul ahmed single shirt pieces 2017

This ‘BLOOMING HIBISCUS’ striped shirt by gul Ahmed shirts 2017 is a lovely printed shirt with light stripes all over, and a badge stuck at the top. Grab yours in PKR 1,000.

gul ahmed stitched shirts 2017

This one is a very cool blue colored striped shirt from the gul Ahmed single shirts 2017. It is in ‘JADE STRIP’ and has an iron on the badge at the back of the striped shirt. It is available in PKR 1,000 at all gul Ahmed stores and online!


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