Gul Ahmed Yolo Collection Teens Summer 2017

Gul Ahmed is a brand that offers the best dresses for people of every age, whether you are a teen, a girl in her 30s or women, you will for sure find the dress that fits you the best for every event.

So, Gul Ahmed launched the ‘YOLO COLLECTION’ specifically for the teens. The designs and prints and colors of the outfits are girlish- as in you will find every vivid color in a single shirt. It will have the lemon yellow color to the darkest of red astonishingly and beautifully! All the teen girls are drooling over the ‘YOLO COLLECTIO’ by Gul Ahmed shirts. Let’s see why!

gul ahmed shirts

Talk about all the flowers and colors and patterns in a single shirt, here it is! This beautiful floral printed shirt by the ‘YOLO COLLECTION’ is going to be everyone’s favorite.  It is a medium length printed shirt.

gul ahmed single shirts 2017

This one by the ‘YOLO COLLECTION’ of Gul Ahmed single shirts 2017 is a beautiful green shirt with all the fruits and flowers printed on it with a unique style. Also, the back of this shirt is white with yellow fruits printed on it.

gul ahmed shirts 2017

This is the favorite one! It is a very chic and colorful shirt from the ‘YOLO COLLECTION’ of Gul Ahmed shirts. It is a white and black shirt with angarkha style and pinks and oranges mixed on it. So pretty, no?

gul ahmed shirts design

Another favorite one from the Gul Ahmed shirt collection 2017 ‘YOLO COLLECTION.’ This one is a flower and pattern printed shirt with black top body and collar. Perfect for a girls day out too!

gul ahmed single shirts

Gul Ahmed shirt ‘YOLO COLLECTION’ has the best patterns and colors! Like this fantastic white shirt with orange border and flower bunches printed all over the shirt. It has colorful tassels on the daman and sleeves for the beautiful detailing that look very gorgeous!

gul ahmed shirt piece 2017

This is a stunning digital printed shirt by Gul Ahmed single shirts 2017 ‘YOLO COLLECTION.’ This shirt has all the colors included and looks how amazing it looks. It is perfect for any get together or even a hot day out!

gul ahmed single shirt pieces 2017

This one is also one of the best ones from the Gul Ahmed shirts ‘YOLO COLLECTION’ with all the colors in a single shirt piece that look very attractive and beautiful. Get yours now from your nearest Gul Ahmed stores!

gul ahmed yolo men

Men can also enjoy this ‘yolo collection’ BY GUL AHMED as it is for teens! It is a very cool yellow upper with fruits printed on it.

gul ahmed shirts online

Not only shirts but YOLO COLLECTION by Gul Ahmed also has cute printed trousers to wear on any YOLO shirt.  Get yours from your nearest Gul Ahmed outlet or Gul Ahmed’s website.


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