Khaadi MidSummer 3 Piece Collection 2017

Khaadi is one of the most famous brands, and whenever it launches a new range, all the women and girls drool over. Like always, Khaadi Mid Summer collection 2017 has amazed us with its new Midsummer range which is available at all the Khaadi stores nationwide.

Embrace this year’s heat with the beautiful range of all the beautiful floral prints, neat embroidery, vibrant colors and the perfect fabric quality.

Now that the khaadi lawn collection 2017 is launched, you can choose your best outfit from 6 different categories from Khaadi lawn 2017.

Art of Digital

This is the Khaadi’s lawn 2017 ‘Art of Digital’ category which contains embroidered suit and a beautiful chiffon dupatta.

Look at how vibrant and vivid the colors are. I love how Khaadi makes all the dresses so unique by adding the little details to their dresses. The embroidery done on these jodas are very neat and decent. It will be your best dress of this year!

Ornate Vibes

Coming on to the next category of the Khaadi Mid Summer Collection 2017 is the ‘ORNATE VIBES’ which are the 4 pieces embroidered suit with embroidered chiffon dupatta. These dresses are 4 piece that means you get a embroidered shirt, sleeves, plain trousers and a embroidered chiffon dupatta. There are a total of 12 dresses in this category, so you choose the best one for you. But let me remind you, choosing one from all these exquisite dresses is going to be hard!

Look at how sensational these prints are. Also, the embroidery is also done in a very proper and neat way. Khaadi astounds us every time!

Asian Legacy

The dress that will fit the best in this scorching heat would be from this Khaadi Mid Summer 2017 category ‘ASIAN LEGACY’ which are a total of 30 fabulous dresses to choose from. The prints of this collection are floral, patterned, bordered which is the signature style of Khaadi. All the dresses from this collection are oh-so-amazing and will amaze you like always! You can add your accessories and details for the dress to bling even more.


All the outfits from this category are beautifully printed with an incredible dose of colors and details and the signature style of khaadi, the borders!

Baroque Tales

‘BAROQUE TALES’ from the khaadi lawn 2017 will be the best category to choose your outfit from as it has a 4 piece embroidered suit with embroidered pants and the soft chiffon dupatta.

You can choose from a total of 14 dresses. All the jodas are perfectly patterned and beautifully embroidered with a perfect matching chiffon dupatta to go along. The detailing of all the dresses are amazingly done with colorful patterns and neat embroidery, the chiffon dupatta adds in the beauty of all the outfits.



From the ‘KALAMKAR’ category of the khaadi’s new Midsummer collection 2017, you can get your dresses from 6 different dress options.

These one are 3 piece embroidered collection with lawn dupatta, perfect for this hot summer weather. Flaunt your style with these amazing dresses by Khaadi Mid Summer Collection.


Warm Aura

The next pleasing collection is the ‘WARM AURA’ which is also a 3 piece embroidered collection. Look at how comforting and warm these amazing dresses look. The dresses are all done with the beautiful and decent embroidery with the best color combinations and patterns.

Shine bright this summer 2017 with the new amazing midsummer collection by your very own and known brand Khaadi. Visit your nearest outlets or you can also order online, so you don’t miss your favorite joda this time!

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